The minor allows students with an interest in Gender & Sexuality Studies to gain substantial exposure to the field while taking fewer courses than needed for the major. In addition, students often use the minor in Gender & Sexuality Studies to satisfy the “related courses” or “concentration” requirements of their WCAS, MEDILL or School of Communications major.

In 2012 Gender & Sexuality Studies introduced new minor requirements. Students entering Northwestern in 2012 or thereafter must follow these new minor requirements. Students who entered Northwestern before 2012 may choose to pursue either the old minor requirements or the new minor requirements.

(From 2012 Catalog)

Minor in Gender & Sexuality Studies

1. Two core courses:

2. Five additional courses, at least two at the 300-level. At least one must represent humanities-based approach to gender and sexuality studies (e.g., 231, 233, 321, 324, 361). At least one must represent a social science-based approach to gender & sexuality studies (e.g., 232, 331, 351, 353). All courses must be from or co- or cross-listed in Gender and Sexuality Studies.

*No double-counting toward a major or another minor is allowed.