The major in Gender & Sexuality Studies offers students a comprehensive understanding of the intersections between gender studies and sexuality studies across the humanities and social sciences and their relation to historical and contemporary feminist and LGBT activism.

In 2012 Gender & Sexuality Studies became a stand-alone major and introduced new major requirements. Students entering Northwestern in 2012 or thereafter, must follow these new requirements. Students who entered Northwestern before 2012 may choose to pursue the stand-alone major requirements or the earlier adjunct major requirements.

(From 2012 Catalog) *Please note that these requirements fulfill the stand-alone major

Major in Gender & Sexuality Studies

1. Two Core Courses: 

2. Two Theory Courses:

3. Two Research Courses:

4. Five additional courses, including at least three at the 300-level. At least one course must have an historical focus (e.g., 233, 321, 324). At least one course must have a transnational focus (e.g., 250, 341, 353, 363, 380, 382)

5. Four related courses including at least two at the 300-level from at least two different departments or programs. Must be evidently and coherently related to gender and sexuality studies.

*Only the related courses may double-count toward another major or minor.