Asian American Gender & Sexualities

Lotus Blossoms, Yellow Fever, Asian Geeks: U.S. popular culture is filled with gendered images of Asian Americans that speak not only about race, but sex.  As "model minorities" and "forever foreigners," Asian and Asian American people are thought to have regressive views on gender roles and sexual norms and identities; these preconceptions make Asian American feminisms and LGBTQ organizing incomprehensible to many.  Yet, many Asian Americans may have experienced gendered, sexual, or homophobic violence in their own lives.  We will begin this course by reading through the rich writings of Asian American feminism for a historical and theoretical basis.  Then, through multidisciplinary scholarship and cultural texts about Asian American genders and sexualities, we will discuss issues including, but not limited to, masculinities, femininities, feminisms, LGBTQ identities in Asian America, interracial and intraracial relationships, dating and marriage, queer of color critique, and families.  We will end the course by conducting original interdisciplinary research on social and cultural questions at the intersection of race, gender, and sexuality.