Imagining the Internet

Class Number: 374-0-20 | Professor: Jillana Enteen

Much recent fiction, film and theory are concerned with representing the Internet and the World Wide Web. Sometimes cyberspace is depicted as a continuation of previous media such as television, cinema or telephone, but often it is envisioned as a new frontier. This course will examine the ways in which virtual media appears in cultural discourses. With a focus on gender, race and sexuality, we will read authors such as William Gibson, Neal Stephenson and Nalo Hopkinson, see films including Ghost in the Shell and The Matrix, and read media theory that considers the what dominant US perceptions of the internet are reflected in its construction and in the circulation of popular media images. Our guiding questions will include the following: In what ways are these narratives shaping collective perceptions of the Internet? How have virtual technologies challenged experiences of language, gender, community and identity?