Graduate Program

Our vibrant graduate program brings together students and faculty from a range of disciplines across Northwestern’s schools. GSS graduate seminars and events are open to all graduate students at Northwestern.

GSS offers multiple ways for graduate students to add expertise and credentials to their degrees in home disciplines, including:

  • the GSS Interdisciplinary Graduate Cluster (requiring 3 courses, plus colloquium participation);
  • the Graduate Certificate in GSS (5 courses, colloquium participation, and a major research project);
  • the GSS Graduate Colloquium and Reading Group;
  • research and conference funding;
  • competitive teaching assistantships instructing GSS courses;
  • GSS seminars – including “Advanced Feminist Theory,” “Queer Theory,” “Sociology of Sexuality,” and courses drawing on a range of other disciplines – from performance studies and literature to film, anthropology, and history, among many others.

More information:

Jennifer Nash, Director of Graduate Studies for GSS