Anastasia Polda

Anastasia Polda specializes in late nineteenth and early twentieth century cultural history. Her interests include: the intersections of gender and race, Chicago and the urbanizing North, and interdisciplinary critical theory. Her dissertation, entitled “He may as well suffer without it as with it”: Professionalization, Authority, and Pain Talk, 1875-1920, explores the ways that rising professional discourses in medicine, law and government, renegotiated Americans’ understandings of their own racial and gender identities. In particular, it interrogates the ways in which race and gender were remapped onto the body by investigating emerging formulations of pain. Anastasia has teaching experience in gender studies, gay and lesbian history, the memory of the Civil War, and US women’s history. She holds a BA from Bryn Mawr College in History and Africana Studies, and an MA in US History from Northwestern.