Core Faculty

Hector Carrillo | Professor of Sociology and Gender & Sexuality Studies

Hector Carrillo

Nick Davis | Associate Professor of Gender & Sexuality Studies and English; Director of Graduate Studies in Gender & Sexuality Studies

Nick Davis

Mary Dietz | Professor of Political Science and Gender & Sexuality Studies

Mary Dietz

Jillana Enteen | Associate Professor of Instruction in Gender & Sexuality Studies; Asian American Studies and Asian Studies Program Faculty

Jillana Enteen

Kasey Evans | Core Faculty, Gender & Sexuality Studies Program; Comparative Literary Studies; Kaplan Humanities Scholars Program

Kasey Evans

Tessie Liu | Associate Professor of History and Gender & Sexuality Studies

Tessie Liu

Jeffrey Masten | Professor in Gender and Sexuality Studies and English

Jeffrey Masten

Jennifer Nash | Associate Professor, African-American Studies & Gender and Sexuality Studies

Amy Partridge | Senior Lecturer in Gender & Sexuality Studies

Amy Partridge

Gregory Ward | Professor of Linguistics, Gender & Sexuality Studies, and Philosophy

Gregory Ward