Abram J. Lewis Affiliated Faculty, SPAN Postdoctoral Fellow

Abram J. (AJ) Lewis completed his PhD in American Studies at the University of Minnesota and is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor in Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies at Grinnell College. AJ’s research and teaching interests include queer and feminist theory, LGBT history, trans studies, postsecular studies, women of color feminisms, and the new ontologies. His project, “The Falling Dream: Unreason and Enchantment in the Gay Liberation Movement,” examines queer activist challenges to secularism and reason at the end of the social movement era. He is interested in how experiments with madness, spells, psychic powers, psychedelics, and otherworldly forces helped expand possibilities for thinking and acting during the early onset of neoliberalism. AJ’s writing has appeared in Radical History Review, The Journal of the History of Sexuality, and The Scholar & Feminist Online. AJ is also the recipient of the 2016 Gregory Sprague Prize from the American Historical Association’s Committee on LGBT History. AJ will be a Postdoctoral Fellow in Sexuality Studies and History at Northwestern.

Courses Taught

  • "Queer Feelings: Gender, Sexuality, and the Politics of Affect"
  • "Race, Sexuality, and the Politics of Protest, 1968 - Present"
  • "Gender, Sexuality, and Disability"