Cross-listed Courses

Undergraduate Courses

The Spring 2017 courses listed below are approved to count toward the Gender & Sexuality Studies major/minor. Other courses may also count. If you have a question about counting a course not listed below, please send a course description and syllabus to Amy Partridge, Director of Undergraduate Studies, 368 Virginia Woolf and Bloomsbury

  • SOC 216 Gender & Society
  • COMP_LIT 304 Gender & Sexuality
  • ENG 300 Psychoanalytic Theory, Gender, and Literature
  • HIST 303 American Women's History to 1865
  • AMST 301 Blacktino Queer Performance

Graduate Courses

Courses outside of the Gender & Sexuality Studies Program may also count towards the Gender & Sexuality Studies Graduate Cluster and Certificate. Please set up a time to meet with Nick Davis, Director of Graduate Studies for approval of graduate courses at

  • MUS_THRY 335 Electronic Dance Music
  • SOC 476 Race, Gender, DuBois, and Sociological Theory
  • ENG 471 Black Women's Print Circuits