Chicana Feminist Theory

Spring 2017:

Gender and Political Philosophy
Class Number: 233-0-20 | Professor: Penelope Deutscher

Race, Sexuality, and the Politics of Protest, 1968 - Present
Class Number: 321-0-20 | Professor: Abram Lewis

Sociology of HIV/AIDS
Class Number: 331-0-20 | Professor: Celeste Watkins-Hayes

Work and Occupation: Focus on Gender
Class Number: 331-0-21 | Professor: Ann Orloff

Sex, Sexuality, & Technoscience
Class Number: 332-0-20 | Professor: Amy Partridge

Transitions: Thai Medical Sex and Tourism
Class Number: 341-0-20 | Professor: Jillana Enteen

Risky Borders: Sex, Race, and Techniques of Border Control
Class Number: 341-0-21| Professor: Mitali Thakor

Prostitutes of the Pen: Queer Women’s Writing from the 18th Century to the Present
Class Number: 361-0-20 | Professor: Hannah Chaskin

Before Activism: Queer Identity and Literature in the Early Twentieth Century
Class Number: 361-0-21 | Professor: Todd Nordgren

Bad Girls in Renaissance Drama
Class Number: 362-0-20 | Professor: Rebecca Fall

Black Feminisms
Class Number: 380-0-20 | Professor: Jennifer Nash

*The Politics of Beauty
Class Number: 382-0-20 | Professor: Tessie Liu
* can be taken as GSS 350

Gender and Sexuality in the Middle East
Class Number: 382-0-21 | Professor: Ayca Alemdaroglu

Anthropology of Gender
Class Number: 390-0-20 | Professor: Micaela di Leonardo

Language & Sexuality
Class Number: 390-0-21 | Professor: Gregory Ward

Trans, Etc.: Cross-Cultural Approaches to Gender Diversity
Class Number: 390-0-22 | Professor: V Chaudhry

Feminist Theory
Class Number: 397-0-20 | Professor: Mary Dietz

Graduate Colloquium
Class Number: 401-0-20 | Professor: Nicholas Davis

Advanced Feminist Theory
Class Number: 405-0-20 | Professor: Mary Dietz

Black Masculinities in Contemporary American Art
Class Number: 490-0-20 | Professor: Huey Copeland

Seminar in French Philosophy: Biopolitics After Foucault
Class Number: 490-0-21 | Professor: Penelope Deutscher

Historical Methods in Gender and Sexuality Studies
Class Number: 490-0-22 | Professor: Tessie Liu

Social Science Approaches to Gender and Sexuality
Class Number: 490-0-23 | Professor: Ann Orloff

Intersectionality and its Discontents
Class Number: 490-0-24 | Professor: Jennifer Nash