Chicana Feminist Theory

Fall 2017:

First Year Seminar: Our Bodies Ourselves: The Women's Health Movement Then & Now
Class Number: 101-6-20 | Professor: Amy Partridge

Sexual Subjects
Class Number: 220-0-20 | Professor: Paola Zamperini

Traditions of Feminist Thought
Class Number: 230-0-20 | Professor: Jennifer Nash

*Female Pleasure: Feminism & The Sexological Tradition, 1880-Present
Class Number: 321-0-20 | Professor: Amy Partridge
* can be taken as GSS 350

Gender, Sexuality, and Disability 
Class Number: 332-0-21 | Professor: Abram Lewis

Sexuality, Biomedicine, & HIV/AIDS
Class Number: 332-0-22 | Professor: Aaron Norton

Medical Humanities: Reproduction, Gender, and Medicine
Class Number: 332-0-23 | Professor: Sarah Roth

Feminist Theory & Media in South Asia
Class Number: 341-0-20 | Professor: Laura Brueck

*Deportation Law & Politics
Class Number: 351-0-20 | Professor: Jacqueline Stevens
* can be taken as GSS 350

Queer Robotics: Cyborgs in Science Fiction & Anthropology
Class Number: 363-0-20 | Professor:Mitali Thakor

Gender, Race, and the Holocaust
Class Number: 382-0-20 | Professor: Sarah Cushman

*Race, Gender, and the Politics of Beauty
Class Number: 382-0-21 | Professor: Tessie Liu
* can be taken as GSS 350

Jews and the Transgender Movement
Class Number: 390-0-20 | Professor: Barry Wimpfheimer

Research Methods in Gender and Sexuality Studies
Class Number: 396-0-20 | Professor: Hector Carrillo

Sociology of Sexuality
Class Number: 490-0-20 | Professor: Hector Carrillo

Theorizing Black Genders & Sexualities
Class Number: 490-0-21 | Professor: Jennifer Nash

Migrant Sexualities & Queer Travelers
Class Number: 490-0-22 | Professor: Emrah Yildiz

Catholicism in the Making and Unmaking of Modern Sexuality
Class Number: 490-0-23 | Professor: Robert Orsi